Product Warranty ENTOS

All products are subject to strict quality controls by the supplier company «SATO SA OFFICE FURNITURE & HOUSEHOLD".

SATO provides for all furniture (2 years) a two-year warranty, which covers the repair of damage occurring within the warranty period and is evidenced by material failure or manufacturing error. Exceptionally, the fairs as second-hand products are not covered by a guarantee.

The warranty does not cover destruction or deterioration of the product due to improper or improper use, damage caused by normal wear and tear, natural disasters or unavoidable external events.

During the period of validity of the warranty, the product or its parts are either repaired or, if this is impracticable, replaced with a new one. The choice of the way of repair is solely for the SAO. If the product or part that needs replacement is no longer available in the entos product range, it is replaced by another product of the same product category and a corresponding retail price.

In particular, for the entos sofas, SATO provides:

  • -From two (2) to five (5) year warranty for the couches
  • -Total five (5) year warranty for the cushion straps
  • -Two (2) year warranty for cushions on the couch
  • -Two (2) years warranty for the fabric of the sofa

In particular, for ENTOS bedding with fabric, SATO provides:

  • -Total of two (2) up to five (5) year warranty for the bed frame
  • -Two (2) years for the bed cloth

The warranty does not cover damage to the sofa or bed caused by abnormal environmental conditions (humidity, exposure to excessive heat, cold or light, etc.), overload, inadequate care (tearing, burning, use of unsuitable cleaners, etc.) the use of non-original parts or spare parts or a third person's intervention before the SATO person. Five (5) years warranty is excluded from the products sofa beds and armchairs that are subject to a two (2) year warranty.

All entos mattress are covered with a guarantee of two (2) to ten (10) years depending on the type of mattress. The warranty covers any defects attributable to the construction or materials of the mattress, and not damages to the usual wear and tear, poor handling, poor fitting, and lack of cleanliness, scratches, hits or any other type of accident. The warranty period begins on the date of receipt of the product indicated on the retail receipt or purchase invoice. The repair request should be made within the warranty period by presenting the invoice or retail receipt. The purchaser's claims arising from the purchase contract as well as its legal rights are not limited to this guarantee.

In particular, for mattresses, the entos warranty covers:

  • -The warranty period stated on each matress
  • -Abnormal behavior of mattress materials
  • -The purity and hygiene of materials, which was in effect when the mattress was received
  • -The unacceptable manufacture of the product, as defined in the production processes applied by the entos, which are in line with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001
  • -Retract the surface of the mattress more than 2 centimeters

The creation of small local dips due to normal body impressions on the mattress are considered to be completely normal.

To measure the depth of immersion place a straight rule across the mattress and measure with a ruler or a metal tape the gap formed in the area of ​​the sink, if the measurement is 2 cm or less, the sink is judged to be normal.

This measurement takes place 6-8 hours after the last use of the mattress. During this measurement you do not press the layer in the control area.

Also in the case of unacceptable immersion (> 2cm), check the condition of the substrate for cases such as:

Move or have large gaps in the boards.

Broken boards or boards that bend with great ease.

Anatomical casing in which the curvature of the boards is downwards.

Anatomical casing in which the middle metal cross member has bent and does not parallel with the two sides.

  • -Deviation in the outer dimensions of the layer by more than 1.5 cm, per side dimension

The mattress guarantee does not cover the following situations:

  • -Catch (folding) the mattress
  • -Retract the surface from choking or stand up on the mattress
  • -Ironing on the mat, resulting in burning or damaging the fabric
  • -Use of electric blanket
  • -Total or local wetting of the mattress
  • -Use of chemical cleaners
  • -Deformation of the mattress by placing it on crooked boards, slats or blades with gaps larger than 5cm between them and generally surfaces that create bumps or pits
  • -Wear or tear the fabric out of the base, the bed, or a sharp object
  • -Waste from burning or cigarette smoking
  • -Lack of protection on the surface, resulting in stains from human secretions. Entos maintains the right for hygiene reasons not to receive a mattress for control - whether defective or not - if intense stains from human secretions
  • -Remove the mattress only from the handles, causing damage to one or more of them
  • -Local sinking of 2 cm or less
  • -Dimensional deviation of the layer equal to or less than 1.5 centimeters
  • -Also, the guarantee does not cover personal preferences in the technical characteristics of the product, such as undesirable hardness of the mattress.


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