Anatomic Mattresses


Anatomical mattresses adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. They are usually medium or soft in feel since they are made with independent Pocket Springs, latex, memory foam or foam materials. In an anatomical mattress, each part of the body receives different pressure, resulting in a very restful sleep.

They are ideal to accommodate two people with completely different physical characteristics and weight, as well as different sleeping habits since they isolate the vibrations and the movement of one is not transferred to the other.

At entos you will exclusively find the anatomical mattresses of the American company Serta as well as Royal Crown and Ocean, which have top foam materials such as Memory foam, Gel Memory foam, HR Foam and independent springs of the latest technology such as Mini pocket springs, Nano pocket springs, Double Decker springs system (double layer of springs), combined with support belts.

*Always use a cover to protect your new mattress.

Oregon 160x200cm

690,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x34cm

Queen 160x200cm

390,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x28cm

Prince 160x200cm

290,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x23cm

Houston 160x200cm

498,99 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x30cm

Bowery 160x200cm

370,00 €

Open Coil system mattress 160x200x25cm

Tribeca 160x200cm

350,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x25cm

Regency 160x200cm

499,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x30cm

Ritz 160x200cm

789,99 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x35cm


598,99 €

Foam mattress 160x200x24cm


760,00 €

Foam mattress 160x200x24cm

Privilege 160x200cm

398,99 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x27cm

Unique 160x200cm

299,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x24cm

Divine 160x200cm

650,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x31cm

Mystique 160x200cm

890,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x35cm

Majestic 160x200cm

897,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x35cm

V-Comfort 160x200cm

550,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x29cm

Mythos 160x200cm

660,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x35cm

V-Relief 160x200cm

1.090,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x35cm

Ocean Blue 160x200cm

429,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x29cm

Ocean Wind 160x200cm

440,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x24cm

Ocean Deep 160x200cm

780,00 €

Anatomic mattress 160x200x33cm