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Γωνιακός καναπές Torino
Torino from 1980 €   792,00 €
Corner sofa 272x165cm

Γωνιακός καναπές Torino
Γωνιακός καναπές Torino
Γωνιακός καναπές Torino
TORINO is a corner sofa upholstered with fabric, in a modern design ideal for any kind of style. It has a reinforced seating pad for greater comfort. It is composed of individual elements, in alternative practical dimensions that allow you to create a corner sofa that meet your needs.
Available with detachable and washable cover. You can select from 4 fabric categories and 74 different colours.
Dimensions: 272x165cm
2-seated sofa 195x97cm
from 960€ only 384€
2,5-seated sofa 215x97cm
from 1060€ only 424€
3-seated sofa 235x97cm
from 1170€ only 468€
2-seated sofa with 1 arm (right or left) 175x97cm
from 960€ only 384€
2.5-seated sofa with 1 arm (right or left) 195x97cm
from  1020€ only 408€
 3-seated sofa with 1 arm (right or left) 215x97cm
from  1120€ only 448€
Chaise longue (right or left) 165x97cm*
from  1020€ only 408€
Chaise longue (right or left) 205x97cm
from  1080€ only 432€
Chaise longue (right or left) 225x97cm
from  1200€ only 480€
 *The chaise longue 165x97cm,  lacks auxiliary arm and backrest cushion


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Κατηγορία 1 Ύφασμα ALCALA Ύφασμα MALMO
Κατηγορία 2 Ύφασμα HC
Κατηγορία 3 Ύφασμα ORINOCO   Ύφασμα MELVA   Ύφασμα SUN  
Κατηγορία 4 Ύφασμα SKY Ύφασμα ICON Ύφασμα NUANCE Ύφασμα QUEEN
Κατηγορία 5 Ύφασμα BABEL Ύφασμα BOSTON

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