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Ocean Blue Mattress

Ocean Blue 160x200cm from 1590 €   477,00 €
Anatomic mattress 160x200x29cm
Διατίθεται σε ειδικές διαστάσεις από 80cm x 180cm έως 200cm x 220cm.
Καλέστε μας ή επισκεφθείτε ένα κατάστημα για να ενημερωθείτε.

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Ocean Blue 160x200cm Ocean Blue 160x200cm Ocean Blue 160x200cm Ocean Blue 160x200cm Ocean Blue 160x200cm Ocean Blue 160x200cm

The ideal mattress for enjoyable sleep every season, is the Blue anatomic mattress. The 2 sides of natural materials, cotton on the one side and wool on the other, help to maintain ideal body temperature providing a warm and fluffy feeling in winter and extra ventilation in summer, while increasing the lifespan of the mattress. SEA CELLTM technology which is applied to the fabric’s surface treatment makes use of all the properties of algae which are beneficial to humans due to the high content in minerals and vitamins. The combination of pocket springs with the 7-zone support system offers the support that the body needs in all the parts that receive pressure.
  • Springs: 780 in 160x200cm
  • Height: 29cm (±1cm)
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Feel: Medium


This technology makes use of all the positive properties of algae. Algae are the most abundant plant on the planet and are known for their beneficial properties for humans thanks to their high content in minerals and vitamins. The treatment is applied directly to the yarn so that the fabric does not lose its properties and can be washed at 30°C up to 5 times. In addition, the fabric contains viscose for a soft feel and durability.


Cotton and Wool are both 100% natural, green, pure and hypo-allergic materials with temperature regulating properties. Cotton’s fibers are durable and highly breathable allowing the air to circulate within. They also have a natural wicking property which absorbs the sweat of the sleeper achieving a night of good comfortable sleep. Thanks to its outstanding qualities, cotton offers a sanitary and extra comfortable sleeping environment with a “sleeping on clouds” feeling.
Wool is a very resilient and versatile material that is incredibly breathable allowing it to wick away both moisture and increases in temperature but also to trap warm air and release heat against a colder body. Its smooth texture “cuddles” the body and lets you sleep deep.


The Pocket Spring system provides the ultimate support while at the same time enhances the feeling of softness. This is achieved due to the different pressure that exerts every point depending on the pressure it receives. The independent movement of each spring enables the mattress to adapt to different sleeping positions and the shape of the body by “hugging” it. The complete shock absorption prevents the transfer of movement, so that during sleep two people are not affected by each other's movements on the mattress.


The 7-zone support system together with the pocket spring system create the conditions for the most relaxing and restful sleep. Each part of the body (hips, neck, head, legs) receives a separate resistance, resulting in the weight of the body being distributed in perfect proportion on the mattress so that it does not strain but rests and relaxes.


Foam encasement is a perimeter of sturdy foam blocks that are all around the interior edges of the bed, adjacent to the springs. It provides edge support, so you can sleep near the edge without feeling like you’re going to roll off.

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