6 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS for purchases worth € 300 or more with credit card

6 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS for purchases worth € 300 or more with credit card

6 INTEREST-FREE INSTALLMENTS for purchases worth € 300 or more with credit card

Payment Methods

Payment with PayPal

By using PayPal payment service you can make your purchases safely and reliably.


Payment with Viva Wallet

Payment with Credit / Debit Card

Credit card information is protected by an online security system, which guarantees a completely secure transaction environment. You will need to fill in all your credit card details in order to place your order request.

The payment of the order can be made in 6 interest-free installments for purchases worth € 300 and over.

Upon payment you will be asked to fill in the card details such as:

•Name and surname of the owner
•Card number
•Expiration date
• Three-digit CCV number on the back of the card

Once you fill in the above information and if the value of your order is € 300 or more then you will be able to choose Payment in installments.

Banking programs

Bank account deposit




* In order to activate your order if you have selected the Deposit in a bank account as a method of payment, you must deposit the total amount of the order in one of the above accounts within three hours, noting your order number and name and send the receipt deposit at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shipping Methods



Α. For orders with final destination

-The prefecture of Thessaloniki, within a radius of 25km from the city center,

Shipping is charged based on the following table:


Order amount

Transportation Cost

(Attica -Thessaloniki center, Volos, Patra)

  1€ to 200€
  201€ to 500€
  501€ έως 1.000€
  1.001€ and above


*The above amounts include VAT. 24%


Β. For orders with final destination:

- the rest of Attica (outside the basin)

- the rest of Thessaloniki (outside a radius of 25 km from the city center)

- the rest of Greece (excluding Volos and Patra)

The shipping charges mentioned in the table above concern the delivery of the products to the agency of your choice within the Attica basin and the prefecture of Thessaloniki. The cost of transport from the agency to the final destination, the responsibility of transport and the possible use of lifting machines are borne by the customer.


Order amount

Transportation Cost

(rest of Attica, Thessaloniki and Greece)

  1€ to 200€
28€ + Shipping Agency Charge
  201€ to 500€
38€+ Shipping Agency Charge
  501€ to 1.000€
60€ + Shipping Agency Charge
  1.001€ and above
80€+ Shipping Agency Charge

*The above amounts include VAT. 24%


Shipments are made daily except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, from 09:00 - 15:00, on scheduled 3-hour appointments and after telephone contact with the shipping departmentν (tel. 213-0181670) once you have been informed that your order is ready for delivery.

Collection from warehouse

If you wish, you can pick up your products without additional shipping costs from our warehouse in Mandra, Attica, Loutsas Street - Giakoumi location, every Wednesday 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. (tel. 2130 171500).



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